Monday, August 11, 2008

FP08-56 ????? - SOLD

Friends and Customers,

I have a new pipe available. What started out to be an oval shanked
"Brandy ".... in the end turned into more of an Italian style
billiard... only with a thin comfortable stem. ;-) No offense to you
Italian pipe fans... I'm sure there are plenty of beautiful and
comfortable italian made pipes out there ( Romeo Pipe for example ) .
Anyway.... you may have noticed the unusual grade designation of "
Friar P " . The "P" is for "prototype" . This is a new stain that I'm
trying out and would like to hear your feedback on it .In the future,
I will be using the "P" designation so that collectors will know when
a pipe is the first, if not the only, pipe of it's kind . Hopefully
fostering an interest in these unique pieces . This Brandy/Billiard
also has a Amboyna Burl band on the stem , which is also a first .
Here are the specs....

Grade: Friar P
Overall length : 6 ''
Overall height : 1 13/16 ''
Tobacco Chamber width : 7/8"
Tobacco chamber depth : just under 1 1/2''
Weight : 1.5 oz or 43 g
Price : $585    SOLD

If you are interested , you can e-mail me at ;

or call me at 928-257-9294 .

Thanks ,


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